Steven He O'Byrne is a Chinese Irish Actor and Comedy Sketch Creator with 1.7 Million followers and 80 Million views. He's most recent productions include Comedy Central's Awkwafina is Nora from Queens, and Dinosaur World which reached #1 on the trending board of China's biggest streaming platform, QIY, with 380 million users.

In 2020, Steven became a comedy sketch creator and built 1.2 Million followers and 60 million views across Youtube and Tiktok.

Steven He's theatre experiences include 61 stage performances across London, Edinburgh, Limerick, New York and ShenZhen in both plays and musicals, the most prestigious of which include the Edinburgh Fringe Theatre Festival, The Marylebone Theatre (London West End), and the Park Theatre London.

Steven He graduated from the prestigious Neighborhood Playhouse as well as a BA in Acting and Global Theatre from Regent's University London. His mentors include Todd Susman, Sandy Faison, Ron Stetson, Doug Cohen and Jonathan Holloway.